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Test your cell morphology knowhow! Assign the concepts mentioned to the cell image and beat the high score. You get 20 points for a correct answer. Five points are substracted for all wrong answers. You get three attempts per image.

Sysmex wishes you lots of fun!

Degree of difficulty:

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High score

  • Starter

  • 1. Hughes
    1255 Points
    1240 Points
  • 3. Hughes
    1115 Points
  • Advanced

  • 1. henry paz quiquia
    1055 Points
  • 2. Hughes
    915 Points
  • 3. henry paz
    870 Points
  • Expert

  • 1. HENRY PAZ
    930 Points
  • 2. Hughes
    890 Points
  • 3. henry paz
    850 Points


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