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Sysmex Cellspotting - Conditions of participation

1. The organiser of the quiz is Sysmex Europe GmbH, Bornbarch 1, 22848 Norderstedt; Germany (referred to below as the “organiser”).

2. To participate in the quiz, the participant must tick the start button on the respective website URL. Participants need not place an order or be a Sysmex client to participate in the quiz.

3. The organiser reserves the right to cancel or terminate the quiz at any time without advance notice and without giving reasons. The organiser shall exercise this right in particular if a proper execution of the quiz cannot be ensured for technical reasons (e.g. prevention of a virus attack, manipulation or faults related to the hardware and/or software, force majeure) or on legal grounds.

4. Should the quiz be terminated, no claims shall arise for the participant. Should a participant be the cause for the cancelation or termination of the quiz, the organiser reserves the right to hold the participant liable for his or her actions.

5. The organiser’s liability for claims shall be limited to the damage that usually occurs in similar business operations. The organiser is not liable for damage occurred to the participant, unless this results from intentional or grossly negligent behaviour of the organiser, its legal representatives or its vicarious agents or from a breach of an essential contractual obligation by the organiser, its legal representatives or its vicarious agents. The liability for damage to life, body and health caused by the organiser, its legal representatives or its vicarious agents by intent or grossly negligent behaviour, as well as the liability pursuant to German law remain unaffected by this provision. The organiser will make every effort to ensure the reliability and functionality of the quiz. But it provides no guarantee that the quiz website will work properly on the respective participant’s computer.


Data Protection

a) Collection and processing data related to individuals

Data related to individuals will only be collected if the participant provides the organiser with this information voluntarily, e.g. for a contract, a survey or when registering personalised services. In the context of personalised services by the organiser, the organiser will process the participant’s registration data based on his acceptance for advertising and market research, and process them as needed for configuring electronic services. In addition, should the participant agree, the organiser will collate the information collected during his visit to the organiser’s web pages and generate a user profile so the organiser can offer tailored advertising personally to the participant. This information will be transferred in coded format to counteract abuse of these data by a third party.

b) Use and distribution of data related to individuals

Without the participant’s acceptance, data related to individuals collected in conjunction with webpages of the organiser will only be used for order processing and processing his or her inquiries. Beyond this the organiser will only use the participant’s data for advertising and market research or for designing electronic services of the organiser if the participant gave the organiser his acceptance for this in advance. In addition, the organiser will only use his data for tailored personal advertising. Once the participant has given the organiser his acceptance, no data will be exported or processed into states outside of the EEA. As the acceptance for using the participants data under the purposes mentioned above may also include transmitting his data to companies of Sysmex Corporation and to business partners of Sysmex Europe GmbH chosen by the participant, his data may be transmitted to these parties as well. There will be no other transmittance to other third parties. The participant’s acceptance can be withdrawn at any time, of course.

7. Accepting these conditions is mandatory for participating in the high score list of the quiz. In order to participate in the high score, the participant must enter his username The username will be listed in the high score list on the website open to see for other participants. In order to receive an email when the personal high score is beaten, the participant must enter his username and email address. The participant agrees that the organizer may contact him afterwards via email. In this case the participant is free to withdraw from this agreement at any time. The participant may share his high score over social media.

8. Recourse to legal action is not permitted.

9. Applicable law is exclusively German substantive law of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding CISG.

1. October 2014



Sysmex Cellspotting Quiz

Assign the concepts mentioned to the cell image and beat the high score.

Test your cell morphology knowhow!
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