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The Sysmex European Haematology Symposium 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey

In mid-May of this year it was time again for the Sysmex European Haematology Symposium which has already been the 5th in a row. After the first three symposia had been held at remote Alp lakes and the venue of the last one had been Lisbon, this year´s congress was hosted in Turkey´s diverse megacity Istanbul, or more specifically, in the congress centre of the Marmara Istanbul hotel. We welcomed more than 470 registered guests from 49 countries – a number one can proudly announce!

As usual, the program of the symposium was very diverse, of general high quality and focussed on up-to-date topics in haematology. The symposium was opened with a plenary lecture on iron metabolism, and during the morning sessions of the first symposium day we also learned about interesting topics such as RET-He in routine diagnostics and the special nature of umbilical cord blood.

In the afternoon of the first symposium day, Sysmex Europe awarded for the second time The Sysmex Outstanding Science Award, a prize for outstanding work in clinical or laboratory haematology. The award for 2009 had been announced during the symposium in Lisbon, and 40 project proposals had been received. The independent Scientific Expert Committee was composed of five distinguished European scientists who had first preselected the ten most promising projects. Those finalists then presented their results to us during the afternoon, with the award ceremony and lectures closing and highlighting the first day. The three winners had also been chosen by the Scientific Expert Committee prior to the symposium.

And something was special about this year´s award! As in 2007, three prizes were given away, but in contrast to 2007 there were two 2nd prizes, one 1st , and no 3rd. Dr. Mauro Buttarello and Prof. Saverio Paltrinieri, both from Italy, received the two 2nd prizes worth €10,000 each. While Dr. Buttarello was honoured for his results from “A clinical evaluation of the %HYPO-He and RET-He parameters provided by the XE-5000 analyser to predict haemodialysed patients’ response to the treatment”, Prof. Paltrinieri was acknowledged with the award for the veterinary topic: “Analysis of canine haematopoietic neoplasms by using the Sysmex XT-2000iV”. Finally, the winner of the 1st prize was announced: Dr. Paul Harrison from the United Kingdom was proud to receive it and presented his results on “Studies on the specificity of the polymethine dye labelling of the immature platelet fraction and its implications for clinical practice”.

After giving the guests the chance to “digest” and discuss the first day’s topics during the exotic gala dinner, the second day of the symposium started early with an exhilarating and refreshing reflexion of chimerism and the “leaky boundaries of individuals”. In the course of the morning the audience also heard, among other topics, about Sysmex’ novel diagnostic concept represented by the XE-5000 Case Manager, the many facets of thalassaemia, and digital microscopy in the concept of telehaematology.

All in all, I think can state that the Symposium was very successful, inspiring and unforgettable for both our customers and Sysmex.

Interested questions and animated discussions
The happy winner Dr. Paul Harrison (in the middle) after receiving congratulations from Mr. Masahide Azuma, Prof. Giuseppe D'Onofrio, Dr. Rolf Hinzmann and Dr. Michael Schaefer (right to left).
Mixing and talking on the patio prior to the dinner.

European Haematology Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal

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