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  • Celebrating 10 years 
of Sysmex Academy

2009 - 2019
    Celebrating 10 years
    of Sysmex Academy

    2009 - 2019

Knowledge is power – celebrating 10 years of Sysmex Academy

Training is the lifeblood of Sysmex products. One cannot exist without the other . That’s why the Sysmex Academy is a very essential part of everything we do.

The Academy became a new standard in 2009 with the opening of the first training centre for employees in Norderstedt and it has developed much further since then, including:

  • opening 5 additional satellite academies within the EMEA region
  • a growing team of certified trainers for our employees, distributors and customers
  • the expanding production of high-quality digital training assets
  • clear focus on end customers by implementing ‘Sysmex Academy Online’, a multilingual and modern learning portal with local, best-in-class support and localised digital content


Great learning experiences, solid knowledge transfers and innovative training methods have been our drivers. Whether for our customers or our own employees, in a classical or digital format, product-related or scientific, we have been engaged in delivering relevant, efficient and enjoyable training programmes.

Now we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Academy – a great milestone, but that is only the beginning!

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