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You are about to start your career and haven’t decided yet what your next step should be? How about working for a global market-leader in medical technology? Our products are needed by patients around the world. Take a look at the entry options at Sysmex. We have suitable training for a range of backgrounds and prior education:

Entry with practical professional traineeship, Entry through dual study programme, Entry through Trainee programme for academics.


We have ongoing programmes at Sysmex in Norderstedt for the following professions:

  • Apprenticeship as Electrician for Industrial Engineering (m/f),
  • Apprenticeship as Office Manager (m/f),
  • Apprenticeship as Wholesale and Export Specialist (m/f), with specialty in both wholesale and export,
  • Apprenticeship as IT Specialist for Application Development (m/f).

You will find more information about the various traineeships on the ‘Industrie und Handelskammer’ website (IHK, or Chamber of Trade and Industry). Whichever programme you choose, you can be assured your training addresses our internal needs too. In other words, after your successful three-year traineeship, you will be welcome in our teams to continue your career.

Our requirements to join one of the traineeships are listed in the various job profiles on our career pages.

Dual study programme

In cooperation with the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) we offer a dual study programme. This exciting mix of theory from the HSBA and its practical application in business guarantees a broad education. You finish the alternating phases of practice and theory after three years with the Bachelor of Science (BSc) title. Once complete, you will be able to choose between various business focus areas at Sysmex with international career perspective.
Our requirements to join the dual study programme are listed in the various job profiles on our career pages.

Sysmex Trainee Education Programme - STEP

We have something special for academics with an educational background in biology, biotechnology or biomedicine and an interest in product management or marketing. The Sysmex Trainee Education Programme, or STEP, is a two-year international programme that offers wide-ranging practical experience in marketing. The practical side is supplemented by getting to know all the product-relevant business areas alongside intensive training in our own Academy.

Working closely with our existing experts, you receive a deep understanding of our products and business processes. Each training plan includes two multi-month periods abroad with active project management in Sysmex subsidiaries. As the programme develops, we together determine your key areas of interest and accordingly where you may develop in terms of your career. Here too: we train you in line with our employee needs, and so upon completion of your training can guarantee a position as product or marketing manager within our EMEA network.

Our requirements to join the STEP programme are listed in the various job profiles on our career pages.

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