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Sysmex Europe
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So who is Sysmex really?

In general, it is fair to say we have a relatively informal culture. Importantly, this in no sense reflects the professional, hugely skilled nature of the organisation – it simply means we want people to be who they are. Clothing is not regulated, for example. Within limits, of course! You’ll soon discover the emphasis we place on authenticity. That’s a good thing for you because we hope you feel comfortable. And it’s good for us because it lets you be as creative and free as possible – the basis for any success.

We greatly enjoy the fact that, thanks to our size and philosophy, we can still address the needs of our employees individually. Without distinguishing between managers and non-managers.

Nevertheless, we know how important it is to make sure everyone in the organisation is treated equally and fairly. And so, we regularly train our managers in line with our Leadership Commitment guidelines. This makes sure they truly see and treat “their” staff as people and not merely as a workforce.

At Sysmex we celebrate our successes, and there are events year-round that are very well-attended. We always take pictures that are placed on the intranet for others to enjoy! We encourage this strong feeling of community, which we believe is enjoyed by most. Events include:

  • Our annual Christmas party
  • Summer party with families, e.g. with tennis tournament or Sysmex Olympics
  • Joint BBQ in the company garden at lunchtimes
  • Team events
  • Kick-offs or closing parties for large projects, such as the introduction of SAP recently.

Birthdays are announced on the intranet and each employee receives a small gift each year in the form of a voucher.

We like to think we all enjoy being part of Sysmex.

The Sysmex Way

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Our mission- Shaping the advancement of healthcare - is reflected in all that we do...

We have a clear-cut mission

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The Sysmex Way prescribes and demands clear commitment from our leadership.

Committed to good leadership

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