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It’s crucial that work is an enjoyable pastime – both all involved. We know that those who can identify with our values will likely fit well within our culture – which is important for you, and for us.

  • Tolerance – ‘My Way to Be’
  • Creative Freedom – ‘My Way to Act’
  • Dynamism – ‘My Way into the Future’


Of course, that includes our benefits. Our significant healthcare programme is especially appreciated by everyone.

What exactly does it include?

We offer all sorts of professional sports courses in our own two gyms, we offer massages, life coaching and nutritional counselling, annual health checks and immunisation for all employees.  

In addition to healthcare, we supplement the costs for lunch in our Sysmex Lounge. For anyone conscious about the environment and who chooses not to come to work by car, we offer our HVV Jobticket (transport card).

We offer those of us working in the field a range of support, from help with support setting up the Home Office to financial supplements for sports courses.
Of course, all staff receive modern work and communications tools.

If ever there is a personal emergency or any form of exceptional circumstance, we will always try to find ways to support you – with a personalised solution, of course. There’s no such thing as one size fits all, and we always aim to find ways to help our colleagues in the widest range of situations.

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