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Sysmex's German Organisations are officially family-friendly

In Berlin on 20 June 2017, Sysmex’s German organisations - Sysmex Europe GmbH and Sysmex Deutschland GmbH - received an award at the ‘audit berufundfamilie’

Date: 2017-06-20 Tags: Press release

In Berlin on 20 June 2017, Sysmex’s German organisations - Sysmex Europe GmbH and Sysmex Deutschland GmbH - received an award for their strategic focus on ‘family and life-phase-conscious personal politics’ at the ‘audit berufundfamilie’ (Ed. Job and family audit). Oliver Herrmann, Managing Director of Sysmex Deutschland GmbH, received the certificate from Federal Minister for Families Dr. Katarina Barley. This year, a total of 159 companies received the award. Sysmex is one of 55 employers to successfully fulfil the ‘audit berufundfamilie’ for the first time this year. Sysmex plans to introduce new measures before the re-audit in three years.

Marie Aldag, Senior Vice President Human Resources, during the strategy workshop: “With the ‘audit berufundfamilie’, we are looking to continuously monitor what we offer, structure our setup in terms of supporting the harmony between work and family, and continue to develop with a particular focus. In doing so, we take on a responsibility for ourselves internally and externally in line with our corporate philosophy, The Sysmex Way.”

One of the Sysmex Way’s main areas of focus is trust. This is also the basis for our company values, which include a positive attitude towards diversity and respect for individuality. Our aim: we offer employment in which our staff can engage their full potential. This includes a strong drive to unify work and family. For all stages of life, we aim where possible to create working conditions that allow our staff to combine their work obligations with the demands of their families. We support these objectives with practical measures, but especially by the way in which we interact with one another.

About the family concept: We see ‘Family’ as the social community in which our employees are responsible for and care for children, parents, life partners or others. We have consciously taken on a broad definition of family as it should be relevant to each and every employee.  If, for example, the closing times of kindergartens or schools collide with holiday planning, or if a relative/acquaintance needs short-term help, it calls for practical solutions. The ‘audit berufundfamilie’ helps us to develop and implement family-conscious measures.

We have also recognised, however, that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for family-friendly measures. We all have individual needs. And so Sysmex has not developed special guidelines for everything. Instead, if possible, we create individual solutions. Flat hierarchies ensure a flexible response. Employees can approach their managers or HR department with their issue directly and there receive the appropriate support.

The range of family-friendly solutions Sysmex offers includes childcare payments, paid exceptional leave for family events and consulting with an external psychologist.

Everyone knows the importance of health in terms of performance. And so, we offer our employees a comprehensive health package. In addition to the varied sports program, we also offer a ‘back school’, dietary consultancy and yoga. There is a masseuse available most days and fresh fruit at reception. Our employees’ health is important to us. After all, healthcare is our thing.

In 2012, 2014 and 2016, Sysmex was recognised by the ‘Great Place to Work®’ Institute for its exceptional quality and attractiveness as employer. The new award as family-friendly organisation does not mean we will rest on our laurels, however. We will continue to retain our good working conditions, and invest even greater effort to improve further.


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