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Sysmex and Partec together

In September 2013, the Sysmex Corporation acquired flow cytometry pioneers Partec. We are delighted they have decided to join us.

We are absolutely convinced our new colleagues will help us better fulfil our mission of Shaping the Advancement of Healthcare. It will also help us better serve you in finding more advanced solutions for achieving your breakthrough in research, achieving even greater medical excellence in a clinical setting, achieving a competitive edge in industry, and delivering help where it is needed most in essential healthcare and resource-poor settings.

A great step forward in our mission

It will not have escaped your attention that in September 2013 Sysmex Corporation acquired flow cytometry pioneers Partec. We are all delighted that our new colleagues agreed to join the Sysmex fold. The prospects for the future are hugely promising.

By integrating the two organisations we will be able to better serve the existing Partec market areas and supplement their technology with our own. We will create significant new solutions and services – especially new diagnostic solutions. This text outlines our motivation for acquiring Partec and explains our confi dence that we have taken a great step forward in our mission of Shaping the Advancement of Healthcare.

A perfect complement

Partec is one of the great companies in healthcare, and one of the pioneers in flow cytometry. Originally founded by Professor Wolfgang Göhde in the 1960s, it produced the world’s first automated flow cytometer in 1969. It has since spread its influence around the world and is recognised as one of, if not the foremost global force in essential healthcare by widely providing robust and affordable hi-tech diagnostic solutions to resource poor markets. Of course, their expertise extends into other prominent areas also, such as the clinical, research and specialised commercial application markets. Sysmex has a similar story to tell. Founded within 12 months of Partec, we have developed
into the global leader in haematology and were the originators of our fluorescence flowbased cellular technology. Now addressing areas as challenging as life science, cancer management and various other diagnostic fields, we too have and continue to make our mark in global healthcare.



A common ambition

The Partec acquisition was based on a very clear understanding and demand from both sides – the need to retain identity, vision and a common ambition. This is bearing fruit, as the integration is proving unproblematic and inspiring. Diering mainly just in size, our cultures and inspiration overlap remarkablywell – we are driven by a thirst for knowledge, perfectionism in all we do, unique capabilities and a heartfelt desire to help the ultimate beneficiaries of our efforts – the patients.



Moving forward – what is to be expected?

We have great ambitions and great hopes that the new organisation is going to make a signifi cant impact. While consolidating the organisations we have activated plans for bringing our people, their knowledge and expertise as well as our technologies together. Flow cytometry and our fluorescence flow-based haematology are perfectly complementary in diagnostics – they will deliver valuable answers to medical questions in a logically synergistic way.

Things are only going to get better.
By adding our global sales and service network, our own knowledge and experience, and expanding sales regions in developed, emerging and developing countries alike, we will be able to better support in areas where Partec had a presence, and increase the scope. We will use our network in the clinical fi eld too, to continue our joint philosophy of finding need-based solutions for relevant challenges in healthcare – with the one aim of improving the treatment and life of any patient.

All in all we retain focus on four existing key areas – essential healthcare, research and life sciences, clinical application and specialised solutions. We will continue to address the specific needs of the FCM market, be it in the clinical or in the research field, to seek out new opportunities and help our clients achieve their specific objectives.

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