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If you know us a little or have taken a look around our website, you will have noticed we like knowledge. We also like using that knowledge to do things well – it’s simply who we are. This thirst for learning generates ideas and helps drive innovation. We encourage everyone in the company to share their thoughts and suggestions through our Value Quest 4 Ever initiative. It is, if you like, living and practicing The Sysmex Way in a very hands-on sense.

Our products, services and processes are complex. This means that in almost all areas, co-creation and joint decision-making are essential. Value Quest4Ever is a Sysmex platform that everyone can use to make suggestions on how we can improve what we do. It is used intensively.

Through our intranet, any employee can make suggestions, and all the suggestions are visible to everyone. There are all sorts of categories - from introducing new business to improving work processes, and improving technology to climate change. As diverse as Sysmex itself.

Every four weeks the ‘Value Quest Review Team, which consists of employees, and managers from various business areas, get together to assess the suggestions. If necessary, they will call in an expert opinion. All suggestions are reviewed and the ones that the jury considers suitable are actually implemented. The proponents also receive a Value Quest Award and possibly a financial reward too.

We have already implemented many of the suggestions, and it’s a real, living initiative within the company. It’s also extremely interesting seeing how creative we can be together – it’s the diversity among us that makes for a great culture.

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