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EMEA Headquarters

Hamburg, Germany

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Sysmex Austria

Vienna, Austria

Sysmex Netherland B.V. and Belgium N.V.

Sysmex Czech

Brno, Czech Republic

Sysmex Denmark

Kopenhagen, Denmark

Sysmex France

Paris, France

Sysmex Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Sysmex Spain

Sant Just Desvern, Spain

Sysmex Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Sysmex Russia

Moscow, Russia

Sysmex Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sysmex South-Africa

Randburg, South-Africa

Sysmex West-Central Africa

Accra, Ghana

Sysmex Norway

Skjetten, Norway

Sysmex Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Sysmex Suisse

Horgen, Suisse

Sysmex UK

Milton Keynes, GB

Sysmex Poland

Warszawa, Poland

Sysmex Deutschland

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Sysmex Partec

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Sysmex Inostics

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Who is Sysmex?

Sysmex Europe is part of a group of companies that has been producing healthcare products of the highest quality for 50 years. Traditionally, our focus has been on medical analytical devices and IT solutions for the lab sector around the world – with haematology, coagulation and urinalysis. As our experience and skills grow, we are expanding our areas of expertise to include exciting new domains such as oncology, bioscience and near patient care.

We are known for driving progress, innovation and delivering excellent quality. Although we are a knowledge-intense company, we have always retained close contact with its roots –people helping people and so living our mission statement: ‘shaping the advancement of healthcare’. We use our creativity, individuality, experience, automation know-how and scientific knowledge to keep labs on the frontline of patient care. 

Sysmex Europe GmbH

Meet our people!

Here is a slice of the lives of four of our employees in Germany

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