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OncoBEAM in lung cancer

Clinical significance of EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer

EGFR mutations play an important role for therapy selection in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) since they can lead to either resistance or sensitisation towards the different lines of anti-EGFR therapy. Therefore, testing for EGFR mutations is recommended to select patients likely to benefit from EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibition (TKI) therapy.3,4 For first-generation TKI the presence of sensitising EGFR is required. Of special interest are mutations that are associated with TKI resistance (EGFR T790M or C797S). Their assessment during therapy or at disease progression can provide valuable information about the patient’s response to the selected therapy.

Clinical studies comparing liquid and tissue biopsies have shown results equivalent to those of patients with T790M-positive tissue-based tumour results, suggesting that plasma genotyping may be considered instead of tissue biopsy to detect the EGFR T790M mutation.5 However, if the plasma biopsy is negative, a tissue biopsy is recommended, if feasible.5

Sysmex Inostics’ OncoBEAM liquid biopsy is an established technology for the detection of mutations based on cell-free DNA isolated from plasma. Additionally, its high sensitivity to detect EGFR mutations has been demonstrated in several clinical studies.1,2,5

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Detection of 36 EGFR mutations in the human EGFR oncogene exons 18, 19, 20 and 21 (incl. T790M and C797S) using DNA extracted from 2 mL of plasma.


The OncoBEAM advantage

  1. High concordance with tissue: OncoBEAM EGFR demonstrated a high overall percent agreement in several clinical studies
  2. Safe and convenient: Minimally invasive, low risk
  3. Accurate information: Blood sample evaluation represents patient's current mutational status; information of tumour dynamics in real time (6)
  4. No selection bias: Evaluate primary tumour and metastases from one sample
  5. Ability to monitor: Allows multiple measurements to assess drug response and resistance (1,2)

*For research use only. Any in vitro diagnostics purpose has not been established by the manufacturer.

Technical specifications

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