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  • Save your digital slides in one central location
  • Organise cases with barcodes and configurable access rights
  • Share digitized slides with your colleagues – anytime, anywhere

CaseCenter – The database for your tissue sections

CaseCenter is the web-based database for your digitized tissue sections. The CaseCenter enables you to store all cases digitally and access them via an internet connection at any time. This creates independence and frees you from space and time.

All Pannoramic slide scanners can be directly linked to CaseCenter so that digitized slides are automatically saved and filed after being scanned in. This optimises the pathology workflow and supports the organisation and administration of your specimens from the outset.

Thanks to intelligent access management, users from different locations have access to the CaseCenter. This means that pathologists, scientists, students and professors can discuss specific cases and benefit from each other’s expertise, both in remote diagnosis and teaching.

Digital pathology



  • Database access via web browser, from anywhere at any time
  • Intelligent user rights management
  • Direct connection between Pannoramic slide scanners and the CaseCenter
  • Automatic archiving and assignment of slides using barcodes
  • Exchange and teleconsultation function
  • Tissue sections can be displayed using PannoramicViewer, CaseViewer or InstantViewer
  • Retention period after which digital tissue sections are deleted is freely definable
  • When using the MacroStation, macro slides are also automatically archived
  • Fast and intuitive image search function
  • HL7-compatible for integration in a HIS/LIS
  • Adding another scanner to the system is straightforward

Sysmex Europe GmbH

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