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CyFlow Counter

  • Compact flow cytometer for CD4 and CD4% determination
  • Set-up time: < 5 minutes
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Only 20 μL EDTA whole blood sample required
  • Up to 20 samples per hour

The complete solution for CD4 and CD4% testing

The CyFlow Counter is a fully equipped compact and robust desktop flow cytometer with green laser excitation and three optical parameters (SSC and 2 fluorescence channels). It performs both fluorescence analysis and True Volumetric Absolute cell Counting (TVAC) without the need for reference beads or a haematology counter. It represents a reliable solution with variable sample throughput for local heath care centers as well as district and regional hospitals.

The CyFlow Counter is simple to install and does not need any additional setup time. With the CD4/CD4% easy count kit reagents, blood sample preparation and incubation occur outside the device, which increases the sample throughput. Results are presented within three minutes as diagrams and as counting results in cells/µl blood sample or percentage.

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Order Information

Order Information

CyFlow Counter – Instruments & Reagents

CY-S-3022 | CyFlow Counter

05-8401 | CD4 easy count kit (100 Tests)
05-8405 | CD4% easy count kit (100 Tests)
05-4011 | Count Check Beads green (50 QC Tests)





Light Sources:

  • 30mW, 532nm green solid state laser

Flow System:

  • Synthetic quartz flow cuvette (channel dimensions: 250µm x 350µm) for laminar sample flow
  • True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) based on precise counting and fluid volume measurement
  • Computer controlled precision syringe pump for contamination-free sample transport and volumetric absolute counting
  • Pump speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 µl/sec.
  • Built in vacuum pump (200 mbar) for sheath fluid


  • Windows™ Software
  • Diagram with 4-decade logarithmic scale
  • Trigger on fluorescence parameter


  • L 325mm x W 330mm x H 265mm



General Facts:

  • Auto-lading and auto-preparation station for direct and automatic precise sample preparation and sample loading

Flow System:

  • Volumetric Counting based on computer-controlled precision peristaltic pump for transporting a defined volume of sample
  • Computer-controlled precision syringe pump for sample preparation


  • Windows™ Software
  • Operated and controlled by CyFlow Counter
  • Display of progress and remaining time


  • L 360mm x W 370mm x H 270mm

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