FIT screening

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers. The good news is that CRC incidence and mortality can be reduced significantly if detected early enough.

Faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) are non-invasive and can detect blood in stool invisible to the naked eye. Due to its simplicity, FIT is currently considered the best non-invasive test for CRC screening.

Invest a little time in your own health by taking the FIT to prevent or detect colon cancer early on.
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CyFlow miniPOC

  • Easy to perform quick results, precise and accurate
  • Patient blood analysis within 3 minutes
  • Throughput: From single measurements up to 20 CD4/CD4% tests per hour
  • Dry/Iyophilized mAb reagents, shelf life: 6 months
  • Rechargeable battery dock* up to 4-5 hours operation

The solution for decentralized CD4 and CD4% testing

The CyFlow miniPOC is a portable/mobile, compact and robust flow cytometer for determining CD4 and CD4% from one sample run. It offers excellent performance ideally suited for primary health centers, PMTCT sites and remote areas.

The CyFlow miniPOC, in combination with the miniPOC CD4% count kit, is an easy to perform and rapid CD4 absolute and CD4% counting system, ideal for monitoring HIV/AIDS patients under treatment programs.

The CyFlow miniPOC is a small, fully equipped and all-inclusive flow cytometer constructed specifically to be taken along to patients living in remote areas. The miniPOC can run on a rechargeable battery so that it does not need a regular power supply. Simple sample preparation, touchscreen operation, automated analysis, data saving and the option of printing the data deliver easy handling even under tough conditions.



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Order Information

Order Information

  • CY-S-3033/ CyFlow miniPOC
  • 05-8409-d / Sysmex Partec miniPOC CD4% count kit - dry, 20 tests
  • CY-S-3091 / Transportation Bag for CyFlow miniPOC
  • CY-S-3096 / Battery Pack for CyFlow miniPOC
  • CY-S-3099 / Solar Panel for Battery Pack for CyFlow miniPOC


Light Sources:

  • 30mW, 532nm green solid state laser


  • Excitation optic elliptical 15µm x 100µm at 532nm

Flow System:

  • Synthetic quartz flow cuvette (channel dimensions: 250µm x 350µm) for laminar sample flow
  • Computer controlled precision syringe pump for contamination-free sample transport and volumetric absolute counting
  • Pump speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 µl/sec.
  • Built in vacuum pump for sheath fluid (200mbar)


  • Windows™ Software
  • Diagram with 4-decade logarithmic scale
  • Trigger on fluorescence parameter


L 270mm x W 188mm x H 240mm 


Sysmex Europe GmbH

+49 (40) 527 26 0
+49 (40) 527 26 100
Bornbarch 1
22848 Norderstedt

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