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Manage your reagents efficiently

Lab staff often spend much of their time handling and replacing reagents. And in haematology, the volume of reagents used is huge compared to other laboratory work areas.

Sysmex’s reagent supply system RU-20 is a comprehensive and intuitive solution that creates an extended ‘walk-away time’ so that your lab staff’s time can be better spent on other tasks.

The RU-20 is simply connected to your lab’s existing water purification system and then to the analysers. You now have safe, pure reagents on tap.

The number of boxes you need to connect is cut significantly. You will have less packaging waste and far less goods handling in general. You can also simplify your logistics and purchasing processes, as well as your administration.

The RU-20 has been developed as an integral part of XN-3000 and XN-3100 automation lines to provide ready-to-use diluent out of the Cellpack® DST concentrate. It improves the XN lines’ performance by optimising the overall work process.

For every lab with > 150 blood counts / day

Reagent delivery is an issue for haematology departments in their day-to-day operation – for example because this generally requires a lifting cart. Storage is limited and usually not located near the haematology work area. And you need to spend a lot of time and attention at your analyser, ensuring reagents are delivered properly.

If your lab handles >150 blood counts each day, the RU-20 will help.

The number of reagent changes can be decreased significantly, providing greater instrument availability and an improved workflow. You do not have to interrupt routine operation, not even when the reagent is being replaced.

We provide two reagent package sizes (10 L and 20 L) of the Cellpack® DST, suited to different daily sample processing volumes. The open stability is 60 days.

Using the RU-20 with the Cellpack® DST will not only relieve your staff from frequent lifting of heavy boxes, but also make most efficient use of limited storage space in the laboratory warehouse.

Easy and safe

You can connect the RU-20 generally to your lab’s existing water purification system if the conductivity is below 1 μS/cm. Integrated filter systems make sure that the ready-to-use Cellpack is free of germs and particles and available for analysis at any time.

This way, the RU-20 ensures that individual samples can be processed at night or during an emergency, without the quality of the reagent being affected.

To make sure that reagent management is efficient and meets present requirements, the RU-20 reagent production system is exclusively controlled by the haematology analysers connected to it.

Using the RU-20 system means you have a fully traceable reagent supply back-up concept, which guarantees reagent availability 24/7.

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