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Fluorescence platelets, or PLT-F

If faced with the decision of administering a platelet concentrate, the PLT-F count is more reliable than routine analysis. In fact, the XN’s dedicated fluorescence-optical analysis is comparable to the reference method ‒ even with low cell concentrations.

This matters. It matters because the immature platelet fraction, for example, indicates whether the cause of thrombocytopenia is in the bone marrow or peripheral blood. And these clearly need different treatments. Once you start thrombocytopenia treatment, it’s now also easier to monitor. Our PLT-F method offers a five-fold counting volume for PLT compared to the routine measurement.   

You can decrease your TAT since there is no further need for additional platelet enumeration either by platelet immunoflow cytometry or chamber counting. And immature platelet counts are delivered by a fast and fully automated method, with no interference by fragmented red cells or broken white blood cells.