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XN Productivity Values

XN Rerun & Reflex

The Rerun & Reflex configuration is available for the XN-1000, XN-2000 and XN-3000. It is based on a special reflex sampler type. This sampler automatically feeds the samples that need reanalysing back into the workflow at which stage the extended measurement is performed. Thanks to this integrated reflex testing, you no longer have to select and reload samples manually.

On the XN-3000 the reflex capability includes smear making and staining. Extended measurements are only performed if they offer additional diagnostic value. Rerun & Reflex delivers reproducible result quality in the shortest possible time. It significantly reduces manual interventions and frees up time and resources. With no compromise on turnaround time.

Product page XN-1000 

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XN-9000 Compact Integration

Compact Integration is available only for the XN-9000.


The XN-9000 Compact Integration combines up to nine XN modules, including our excellent slide maker and stainer, the SP-10, plus the DI-60 for digital imaging slide analysis. All variations of the XN-9000 include the Extended IPU as standard, which intelligently routes and controls your sample, order and data workflow. Compact Integration is best suited to labs with a large amount of samples with an almost exclusively uniform order profile without the need for dedicated EDTA tube sorting.

Product page XN-9000 Compact Integration

XN-9000 Sorting & Archiving

Sorting & Archiving is available only for the XN-9000.

The XN-9000 Sorting & Archiving consists of the XN analysis modules, our SP-10 slide maker/stainer, the DI-60 digital imaging module and either the TS-10 or TS-10 Up tube sorter. It optimises workflows from cell counting via smear preparation to morphology analysis of slides. It will also sort EDTA tubes intelligently according to your needs, such as sorting samples for other workplaces like HbA1C, ESR or others.

Product page XN-9000 Sorting & Archiving

XN-9000 Workload Balance

Workload Balance is available only for the XN-9000.


The XN-9000 Workload Balance configuration is best suited to labs with higher analytical complexity. Samples may need special analyses and/or specifically ordered analyses. The tube sorter module (TS-10 or TS-10 Up) is therefore placed at the beginning of the workflow. Samples can be pre-sorted for other work areas if needed as well, or into specific racks to maximise the processing capacity of individual modules.


Product page XN-9000 Workload Balance

XN-9000 Maximum Workload

The XN-9000 Maximum Workload is for extremely high workloads, generally over 2,000 samples per day. Processing pathological samples and samples that need additional testing is separated via a tube sorter (TS-10 Up) from the high-speed processing part of the screening line. This ensures short TAT even at peak times. It has an extremely flexible configuration so that you can use all our clinical diagnostic capabilities and our Smear Workflow – smear making/staining plus digital imaging for morphology analysis of slides.


Product page XN-9000 - Maximum Workload

Aged Sample Identifier

Storing EDTA blood samples at room temperature or under inadequate cooling conditions leads to various morphological changes in the blood cells. These changes can lead to incorrect flagging when using automated haematology analysers for complete blood counts and white blood cell differentials. The Aged Sample Identifier (ASI) software for the XN-Series analysers recognises aged samples and allows improved differentiation between pathological and non-pathological samples. The ASI software therefore not only detects and comments on samples that are ageing or were stored under suboptimal conditions – it also reduces false positive flagging. This new software is available for all XN models.



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