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1.Which of the tools below would support you best to penetrate the urinalysis market in your country?
Rank the items below, using numeric values starting with 1.

Please scale from 1 to 8

(1: Highest business impact to 8: Lowest business impact)

Questionnaire to start sales approach and evaluate the suitability of the site
Argumentation against competitors (for different segments)
Workflow consultancy
Cost-effectiveness study
Stories from different segments
Clinical values section in UN-Series Sales APP
Study protocols and tools to define cut-offs
Sysmex Academy Online webinar & online training contents for internal and external promotion
2.If workflow consultancy is interesting for you: What exactly would be needed? Please specify your requirements
3.Please add any suggestion you might have which was missing above. (studies, sales promotional materials etc…)
4.Which of these do you think should be improved to establish a stronger presence in microbiology laboratories?
Rank the items below, using numeric values starting with 1.

Please scale from 1 to 6

(1: Highest business impact to 6: Lowest business impact)

Connection limitation to automation line
Argumentation against manual workflow
Internal trainings (beginner, expert levels)
Scientific content
Online learning content
Sales promotional materials
5.Any additional comment or idea for the above-mentioned topic?
6.Which platform would be best for you to share competition info? Please choose one: Yammer
Email group
7.When building KOL expert panel, do you have any KOL in mind who would be interested and willing to participate for different market segments?
8. Which of these clinical values do you see most valuable in your market now and in the future? Please mark all relevant values

9.Any additional comments/suggestions?
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