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  • FDA-approved DigniCap System for patient-individualised scalp cooling
  • Easily implemented in your routine
  • You receive tailored support for training and communication
  • You can improve your patients’ quality of life


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DigniLife – the new generation in scalp cooling

Chemotherapy is tough on the body and tough on the mind. Studies show that chemotherapy-induced alopecia is one of the most distressing side effects. Since the 1970s, various attempts have been made to prevent hair loss using scalp cooling. Our unique DigniLife concept addresses the unmet issues from the past. And helps.

DigniLife is a customized concept that covers every angle of successful scalp cooling treatment in your routine.


The benefits

The benefits

The DigniCap System is the only instrument on the market capable of adapting to these individual patients’ physical reactions:

  • Three sensors measure temperature continuously and directly on the patient’s scalp
  • Temperature is regulated according to the individual patient’s reaction
  • Separate temperature control and cooling circuits for the front and back of the head
  • Constant treatment temperature of 3-5°C for successful results and patient comfort
  • The system gradually cools down from room temperature to treatment temperature for greater patient comfort
  • Optical and acoustic alarms for enhanced safety


It also offers several features for a smart routine use:

  • Up to two patients can be treated entirely independently of one another
  • The instrument can be used as a single and dual patient device
  • You can save your treatment data
  • There is a countdown timer for post cooling
  • The cap’s shape follows the hairline and keeps the forehead and ears free
  • The DigniCap is flat on the inside:
  • This enables direct contact between the cap and the entire patient’s scalp
  • The cap is easy to keep clean
Targeted implementation

Targeted implementation

We will make every effort to make your scalp cooling as successful as possible.

  • Interactive planning phase based on individual requirements
  • Close cooperation with Sysmex to develop tailored solutions for seamless integration
  • Access to specialist expertise to ensure you can deliver the highest standards of quality
Treatment with comfort and convenience

Treatment with comfort and convenience

Of course, in the end the success of the treatment depends on the wellbeing of your patients. We therefore offer:

  • A  high level of patient comfort thanks to gentle, patient individual  cooling with the FDA-approved DigniCap System
  • Simplified use and safe treatment
  • Support materials to increase efficiency and to minimise your workload
Scientific support

Scientific support

Chemotherapy and the sideeffects are tough. We support you with our experts scientific knowledge and support at all stages. You get:

  • Sysmex’s support, advice and scientific background information
  • User networking and cooperation
  • Updates referring to new clinical evidence and scientific knowledge
Tailored communication

Tailored communication

Another key element of successful implementation is getting the message across that you are using a state-of-the-art system. We will help you communicate this to all your stakeholders. This includes:

  • Professional information material for doctors and nurses
  • Clear patient information
  • Support in promoting your offer of tailored scalp cooling to patients or clinicians


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DigniLife in the press

DigniLife in the press

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