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Sysmex e-Check XE2


  • QC for all X-Class 'mates'
  • Monitoring of all reportable parameters
  • Comprehensive internal and external quality control
  • Safe and ready to use
  • As similar as possible to native human blood

Effective quality control

e-CHECK (XE) has been designed for our X-Class instruments. It lets you perform a thorough check of the analysers’ technical functions and reagent system. Regular use of the control material delivers effective and reliable internal quality control of your X-Class analysers.

Using e-CHECK (XE) you can easily monitor and verify the performance of your X-Class analyser – regardless of its haematology model, or even if it’s part of the veterinary series. e-CHECK (XE) provides assay data for all reportable parameters of the respective analyser type: eight CBC parameters, WBC differential count, immature myeloid information, nucleated red blood cells and reticulocytes (absolute and relative count).

Safe and a wide clinical range

The product is available in three different concentrations. e-CHECK (XE) level 2 covers the normal range, e-CHECK (XE) level 1 is used for the low abnormal range, and e-CHECK (XE) level 3 monitors the high abnormal range.

It is non-reactive for hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV1/HIV2 anti-body using techniques specified by the FDA. The careful packaging protects it from evaporation and damage and ensures it is stable for longer.


Solution provision

More information

More information

e-CHECK (XE) includes all levels of reticulocyte maturation - from early stages in the HFR area to mature red blood cells so that you can reliably monitor the RET channel. Thanks to the nucleated red blood cells included in e-check (XE), you can also ensure sensitive quality control for the NRBC channel. The control material includes white blood cells for the differential, reticulocyte fractions and nucleated red blood cells. This leads to a distinctive display of all the relevant cell populations in the appropriate scattergram. It lets you control all measure¬ment channels.

If XE-pro or XT-pro software is applied in combination with Master modules, quality control also includes the parameters reticulocyte haemoglobin equivalent (RET-He), immature granulocytes (IG), haemopoietic progenitor cells (HPC) and immature platelet fraction (IPF).

Assay data input for all parameters is always obtained automatically from CD-ROM.

External quality control

External quality control

Using e-CHECK (XE) and the networking capabilities of Sysmex X-Class analysers, we offer an Internet-based external quality control service – IQAS Online - which is part of the Sysmex Network Communication System (SNCS).

In parallel with the internal QC based on e-CHECK (XE), which remains local on the analyser, results are transferred automatically to an external computer. They are then compared to results of other systems of the same type. Just a few minutes after performing the measurement, a performance comparison to international peer group data and the familiar assay value comparison of the internal QC are available. Individual results can be viewed on the SNCS website after a password-protected log-in specifying your details.

You are informed automatically if results deviate significantly, thus enabling you to take appropriate counter¬measures without delay. SNCS IQAS Online is a unique integration of daily QC and international external quality control in a single common QC measurement. It provides a daily external QC scheme without the need for any additional control material.

Intended use

Intended use

Control material for the quality control of XE-5000, XE-2100, XE-2100D, XE-2100L, XT-1800i, XT-2000i, XT-4000i, XT-1800iV, XT-2000iV and XS-series haematology analysers.



All analysers: WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, PDW, MPV, P-LCR, PCT, NEUT(#), LYMPH(#), MONO(#), EO(#), BASO(#)

According to the analyser model and optional Master modules used, one or more of the following parameters may be available as well: NRBC, HPC, RET(%), RET(#), IRF, LFR, MFR, HFR, IG, RET-He, IPF


Assay and technical data

Assay and technical data

Assay data are provided as mean values and ranges (upper and lower limit) on CD-ROM, input automatically from CD-ROM or manually. They are generated in the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified QC laboratory of Sysmex Europe GmbH. Assay data are monitored daily for all parameters to ensure reliable performance of the control blood products throughout the total period of use.

Open vials and vials which have been sampled by cap piercing will remain stable for 7 days. The product should be used within 8 weeks. It should be stored at 2–8°C before and after opening. The volume is 4.5 mL per vial.


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