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FOB Gold open tube

  • Quantitative test without subjectivity, allows defining a cut-off
  • Enables traceability and data collection (in contrast to standard rapid tests)
  • Batch testing whenever it suits you
  • Can be used with most clinical chemistry analysers


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Universal system for FIT – suitable for use with the majority of clinical chemistry analysers

You can use FIT also in low-throughput environments. For faecal immunological samples from symptomatic patients in a routine lab, the patented universal FOB Gold open tube can be placed on the majority of clinical chemistry analysers. Please get in touch with your Sysmex representative for more information as to which analyser models have been validated.

We offer everything you need to set up your FIT testing without the need to invest additional money and space in a dedicated faecal analyser. With your clinical chemistry analyser connected to your laboratory information system, data collection and traceability are ensured. This is superior to the situation with standard qualitative FOB rapid tests. 

Another important feature of analyser-based testing is overcoming subjectivity – you always get standardised, quantitative results. And thanks to the high stability of the buffer used in the sample tube, you can batch your tests to run them at a suitable time during your routine.

Advantages for the laboratory

  • Universal collection tube for a direct and immediate fit on your existing clinical chemistry analyser
  • Quantitative test for human haemoglobin in faeces
  • Well-proven method: more than 15 years of experience with automated FOB testing on clinical chemistry analysers

Colorectal cancer

Faecal Immunochemical
Test for Haemoglobin

FOB Gold tube can be placed in the majority of clinical chemistry analysers

FOB Gold tube can be placed in the majority of clinical chemistry analysers



More information on FIT for CRC screening

More information on FIT for CRC screening

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