Sysmex is active in a broad spectrum of healthcare areas. In addtion
to information for healthcare professionals we also provide 
applied information for privat individuals seeking assistance in our
areas of expertise. 

At the moment we provide guidance and background info on
breast cancer. We welcome you to visit



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  • The new generation of
sentinel lymph node analysis
    The new generation of
    sentinel lymph node analysis
  • Magnetic SLN localisation
    Magnetic SLN localisation
  • Prevention of chemotherapy-
induced alopecia
    Prevention of chemotherapy-
    induced alopecia

Sysmex Life Science – Products For Optimised Cancer Management

Sysmex is passionate about excellence in product development and manufacturing and its contribution to a healthy and prosperous society through its activities. Building on its success in diagnostics, Sysmex is working to create advanced testing technologies in the life science field.
In 2000, Sysmex established the Central Research Laboratories as a base for R&D in the life science field. The Laboratories pursue research into new diagnostic technologies grounded in sophisticated life science techniques, information technology, nanotechnology, and bioinformatics, with a primary focus on cancer diagnostics.
Sysmex will continue to build on the foundation of more than 40 years of success in diagnostics creating truly valuable medical tests and technologies that improve disease management.
Sysmex Life Science — Adding quality to life!

Sentimag® / Magseed® –
Impalpable lesion localisation

Sentimag / Sienna – Sentinel
lymph node localisation

OSNA – Sentinel lymph
node analysis

DigniLife – Patient care

Digital Pathology

Faecal Immunochemical
Test for Haemoglobin (FIT)

Blood-based molecular testing

Stronger Together against Cancer

U.S. FDA de novo clearance for the DigniCap® since 2015

DigniCap® – The First U.S. FDA-Cleared Scalp Cooling System

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