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  • Unsurpassed image quality in 
both bright-field and fluorescence
    Unsurpassed image quality in
    both bright-field and fluorescence

Digital slide scanners

With the Pannoramic whole-slide scanners from 3DHistech, you can create digital images of your tissue sections in the highest possible quality and in fine detail. From the compact, convenient Pannoramic DESK through to the Pannoramic 1000 Flash IV with a capacity of up to 1000 tissue samples, slide scanners are the ideal solution for routine and research laboratories of all sizes.

Pannoramic scanners quickly digitize specimen slides regardless of the size, providing optimal image quality and highly detailed resolution for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. Thanks to their intuitive software, the scanners are easy to install and operate. With the Pannoramic Confocal, you can even generate confocal whole-slide images, making it possible to perform 3D tissue reconstruction or analyse FISH staining in tissue sections of up to 100 µm in thickness.

Five reasons to choose digital scanners from Sysmex:

  1. Winners at the International Scanner Contest 2016, incl. in the Image Quality and Throughput categories
  2. Workflow-optimised scanners for every working environment – from research to routine labs
  3. Wide-ranging analytical options through brightfield and fluorescence microscopy
  4. High-resolution, fine-detail visualisation of specimens
  5. Examine and process tissue sections easily on your monitor

NEW: Digitize your double-width slides with the new Pannoramic DESK II DW and the new Pannoramic 1000 Flash IV.

If you want to examine the quality of our scanners with your own eyes, our scan service is the right choice for you! Send your slides to us and we’ll produce high-quality digitized scans of your tissue sections.

Digital Pathology

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