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OncoBEAM liquid biopsy for mutation detection

Precision diagnostics are key to selecting the right therapy at the right time for the right cancer patient. Therefore, reliable assessment of the tumour’s mutational status is decisive in selecting cancer patients eligible for targeted therapy. Although it is the standard in clinical oncology, analysing mutations in tumour tissue comes with considerable drawbacks. Biopsies can significantly increase the cost of patient care, are inconvenient from a scheduling perspective and are not without clinical complications.1 Moreover, they are subject to selection bias due to tumour heterogeneity, can be difficult to obtain in sufficient amounts and the information provided is restricted to a static time point.2,3 Here, liquid biopsy based on the analysis of mutations in cell-free tumour DNA (ctDNA) has become a valuable tool for a variety of clinical and investigative applications. The detection of clinically relevant mutations from a simple blood draw enables you to select the most beneficial therapy and monitor the patient’s response to therapy in real-time without the need for physical biopsies.

The Sysmex way of liquid biopsy: Sysmex Inostics OncoBEAM

Sysmex Inostics has been the pioneer in liquid biopsy by implementing OncoBEAM into the clinical routine. OncoBEAM combines emulsion digital PCR with flow cytometry and provides highly sensitive mutation detection based on ctDNA isolated from blood samples. Thereby it offers new possibilities for cancer management & clinical research.

The OncoBEAM Advantage

  • Reliable detection of mutations from cell-free DNA that occur at mutant allele frequencies (MAF) as low as 0.01%
  • Viable alternative to tissue testing due to its high concordance (>90%) with tissue biopsy
  • Timely and minimally-invasive analysis of specific mutations before or during targeted therapy


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OncoBEAM Technology

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