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Sentimag® - Magtrace® in breast cancer

Many cancer treatments involve ‘sentinel lymph node biopsy’, or SLNB – both in the adjuvant and neo-adjuvant setting. Identifying the lymph nodes with the highest potential for harbouring metastases and determining the nodal stage of the cancer allows for informed decisions for both surgery and subsequent treatment.

Standard SLNB uses radioisotopes for sentinel node localisation. The Magtrace® lymphatic tracer offers an effective clinical solution that uses safe magnetic fields instead. This eliminates concerns related to the safety, workflow and availability associated with ionising radiation, whilst providing more flexibility for when you inject. With Magtrace®, SLNB is now possible everywhere, with a wider injection window.

First, the patient is injected with the tracer, which will then migrate through to the sentinel nodes. Then, with its traceable signal, the nodes containing Magtrace® can be identified using the magnetic sensor in the Sentimag® probe, before being removed to determine the spread of the cancer.

Magtrace® – an accurate clinical solution

  • Provide the best standard of cancer staging, regardless of your hospital setting and facilities
  • Inject the tracer when it’s convenient to you and your patients – from 20 minutes ahead of surgery up to 30 days in advance
  • Eliminate issues with radioactive materials; reach equivalent clinical outcomes [1–3]
  • Designed for effective migration and optimal retention in sentinel nodes
  • Provides visual confirmation, as well as intuitive magnetic identification
  • No reports of anaphylaxis in over 65,000 cases per date
  • Sentimag® and Magtrace® are FDA-cleared and CE-marked


Selected sources:
[1] Alvarado et al. (2019): Ann Surg Oncol. 26(11):3510–6.
[2] Karakatsanis et al. (2016): Breast Cancer Res Treat. 157(2):281–94.
[3] Teshome et al. (2016): Ann Surg Oncol. 23(5):1508–14


Endomag®, Sentimag® and Magseed® are registered European Union trademarks of Endomagnetics Ltd

Magtrace® is a registered trademark of Endomagnetics Ltd in the United Kingdom

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