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TMA Master II

  • View several hundred specimens on a single paraffin block
  • Small footprint
  • Precise punching of marked points thanks to slide overlay function

TMA Master II – The compact tissue microarray device

The TMA Master II has a total capacity of five paraffin blocks. Its compact footprint allows easy integration in smaller-scale laboratories. The new PCR extraction function lets you obtain tissue samples in a targeted manner for PCR analyses.

The slide overlay function was developed to simplify the workflow while simultaneously ensuring optimal TMA quality: The scanned image of a tissue section is stored in the TMA software and overlaid with the corresponding photographed paraffin block containing the embedded tissue. As a result, TMA markings placed on the digitised tissue section in the CaseViewer software can be transferred precisely to the paraffin block. The TMA Master II automatically punches the point on the tissue section digitally marked on the monitor out of the donor block with millimetre-precision and inserts it in the recipient block. You only have to replace the punching and drilling tools manually. The TMA Master II takes care of everything else automatically.

Consequently, the TMA Master II enables also small and medium-scale laboratories to benefit from digital TMA technology.

Digital pathology



Donor block imaging
Use of the MRXS format
Barcode recognition (optional)
File export: XLS

Specimen capacity:  5 blocks; 4 recipient blocks and 1 donor block, or vice-versa.

0.6 mm  max. 448 cores
1 mm     max. 240 cores
1.5 mm  max. 135 cores
2 mm     max. 84 cores

Dimensions (W x D x H)
TMA Master II device: approx. 38 cm x 24 cm x 29 cm

Approximately 8 kg


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22848 Norderstedt

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