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Sysmex XP-300


  • Robust and reliable
  • Neutrophil count for greater diagnostic value
  • 20 parameters at the push of a button
  • Unique barcode and reagent management simplifies laboratory work
  • Easy connectivity and user support through SNCS and Online QC

XP-300 – Robust and reliable, with advanced diagnostics at the push of a button

The XP-300 is an automated 3-part differential haematology analyser – and a great choice for laboratories that need robust, reliable service and high-quality diagnostic results. Alongside the proven, successful characteristics of its predecessors, it offers a range of new features that make life in the lab easier, such as a touch screen and a unique reagent management system. It is also based on our SILENT DESIGN® concept, which optimises the user experience.

Whether you use it as a primary analyser or as a backup instrument, the XP-300 is solid, hardwearing and robust. It will support you with reliable performance day in, day out, for years to come. 


Twenty parameters at the push of a button – in both modes

Twenty parameters at the push of a button – in both modes

The XP-300 offers a total of 20 parameters. Regardless of whether you are analysing a blood sample in whole blood or pre-diluted mode, the analysis result provides values for all 20 parameters. The XP-300 delivers the classic CBC plus advanced 3-part differentiation of white blood cells, including a neutrophil count , and so offers information with superior clinical utility.

It's all about you, the user

It's all about you, the user

Thanks to a colour LCD touch screen and unique reagent barcode system, the XP-300 is easy to use. Using a hand-held barcode reader, you can register reagents safely, simply and quickly and so improve your lab’s productivity. And because assay values are entered via barcodes, quality control is simplified significantly too.

Software, data handling and networking made easy

Software, data handling and networking made easy

The unique barcoding of the XP-300‘s reagent and the integrated reagent management system will help you meet the growing regulatory demands with respect to documentation, accreditation and traceability. You can also add an Operator ID that is then included on printouts and transmitted to the Host.

This new instrument is easier to service thanks to its error log capacity and a new type of memory card. It is also easier to set up and update the analyser, and back up and restore user data and settings.

The XP-300 offers additional software languages and with room for some 40,000 samples provides a significantly increased data storage capacity. Thanks to improved and expanded interfaces, you can connect the XP-300 to the LIS and SNCS via its additional LAN port, to an external printer, and to Online quality control.

Silent Design

Silent Design

At Sysmex, we are known around the world for the excellence of our products. We are on a journey on which we always aim to excel. One key area is making sure our products truly meet the needs of our customers on all levels. And this includes their design.

Design is far more than just the way a product looks. It influences the entire user experience. Our answer is our Silent Design concept.

Silent Design is not about sound. It is about distilling products down to the essence. Providing our users with what they really need. Making the experience precise and elegant. And ensuring our products are unobtrusive yet distinctly powerful.

Within our Silent Design concept, we are focusing on five main principles to continuously improve the user experience.

  • Person
  • Space
  • Surface
  • Series
  • Longevity

Our Silent Design products take into account five key principles to create a positive experience. Between the product and the person. By making great use of the available space. Thanks to easy interaction with the device. Consistency in looks and operation. And an assurance of long product lifecycles.

The result? Products that are unmatched in terms of technology, offer a superb user experience, and reflect our global leadership position.






20 in whole blood mode and pre-diluted mode


MXD% (W-MCR), NEUT% (W-LCR), LYM# (W-SCC ), MXD# (W-MCC ),




DC detection method (WBC, RBC/PLT)

non-cyanide haemoglobin detection method (HGB)



approx. 60 samples per hour


Sample volume

approx. 50 μL (whole blood mode)

approx. 20 μL (pre-diluted mode)


Data storage

up to 40,000 samples including histograms


Quality control
6 files for 60 data sets each (internal QC)

IQAS Online (external daily QC) via SNCS and use of Eightcheck-3WP

(control blood)

Scope of supply

main unit plus hand-held barcode reader for reagent management

and traceability


colour LCD touch screen (user interface)

built-in thermal printer (standard)

external printer (optional)

hand-held barcode reader (standard)

SNCS capability (dedicated LAN port)

LIS (additional LAN port)



main unit

w x h x d [mm] / [kg]

420 x 480 x 355 / approx. 30

XP-300 basic video training

XP-300 basic video training

The video training is intended for daily operators of the XP-300. The videos can be used for starting to work with the instrument or to refresh your knowledge

Sysmex Academy Online


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