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Why work with us at Sysmex?

Why work with us at Sysmex?

Sysmex offers a work environment that embraces diversity, collaboration and simply allows you to be yourself. Speak up because your opinion counts – regardless of whom you are talking to.

Our diagnostic products aim to help improve patient life and well-being, but what about the well-being of our colleagues? We are dedicated to providing a workspace that appreciates and rewards effort and commitment. We understand our company as not solely being a workplace. Here we meet as the Sysmex community!

Personal growth is a human need, just as it is a collective one, and keeps our teams strong and progressive. We truly believe in developing our community further – on the job and beyond. Find out more about our Caresphere Academy for product-related training and the EMEA Campus for cross-functional learning and development beyond the product. Just as we understand that learning is a life-long task, we are also committed as a company to learning and improving our educational offerings for our employees. Let’s learn together!

Corporate culture

We strongly believe that joint understanding and a solid framework are essential parts of maintaining a value-driven corporate culture. That is why we established references reflecting our beliefs in acting with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers. Our successes in this is being documented by several awards and rankings.

Compliance Code.

Sysmex Corporation in Japan has drawn up a general “Compliance Code for Sysmex Employees”, which applies worldwide to all of the subsidiaries in the Sysmex regions. All employees must comply with this code in their work. If they discover an infringement of the code, they must report this accordingly. It contains rules on the following points:

  1. Assuring the safety of products and services for customer
  2. Promoting honest dealings and free competition
  3. Fair and correct provision of information and full information control
  4. Implementation of Appropriate Research and Development Activities
  5. Respect for intellectual property
  6. Maintenance of international peace and security
  7. Orderly accounting and payment of taxes
  8. Respect for human rights and improvement of health and safety in the workplace
  9. Distinction between public and private interests and avoidance of conflicts of interest
  10. Maintenance of good social relations
  11. Environmental protection


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