Sysmex Europe


Are you passionate about your personal growth and lighting the way with diagnostics? Do you enjoy learning together with Sysmex colleagues from all over the EMEA region? Then you will definitely benefit from our EMEA Campus learning and development opportunities.

In 2020 we established the EMEA Campus, which offers a space for learning and developing at Sysmex. It brings the people of our EMEA organisation together to enhance cross-functional skills, share fresh ideas and open our minds to new perspectives. The EMEA Campus allows our employees to learn and develop without functional, business or geographical borders. It is a place where we can inspire, explore, grow and succeed, to shape the future of ‘One Sysmex’ in EMEA together.

Besides customised hybrid training programmes, you will find out about inspiring self-directed learning opportunities that you can integrate into your everyday work life. The EMEA Campus supplements the product-related sales, technical and application trainings of our Sysmex Academy. And it complements the learning sphere for your personal development at Sysmex. When we say, “Your growth is our future”, we mean it!

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