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Sysmex launches next-generation fully automated blood coagulation analysers CN-6000 and CN-3000 in EMEA

2020/07/14 – Norderstedt, Germany

Power in a new dimension for the haemostasis laboratory

Sysmex Europe GmbH proudly announces the launch of their brand-new CE-marked analysers for haemostasis testing, the CN-6000 and CN-3000, in the EMEA region.1

Haemostasis is the body’s physiological method of maintaining a properly balanced blood circulation through complex regulatory mechanisms involving blood vessels, platelets and specific proteins in the plasma. An imbalance in this system can cause a higher risk of either bleeding (haemophilia) or excessive clot formation (thrombosis). Both can lead to critical developments if not detected early on or treated inappropriately.

In recent years, together with the development of new treatment agents to increase the quality of life of individuals suffering from bleeding and thrombotic disorders, expectations from the haemostasis laboratory have grown: to deliver accurate and reliable results despite an increase in the number and diversity of tests performed for diagnoses and therapy monitoring – and that as swiftly as possible.

Through the launch of the new CN-Series instruments, Sysmex – as a front runner company of innovative technology – responds to these customer needs of swift diagnoses and selection of appropriate treatment. By providing high-quality haemostasis workflow solutions, Sysmex contributes to laboratories enhancing their levels of productivity, reliability, and operability, or, in other words, helps in ‘powering up the haemostasis lab’.

The newly launched CN-6000 and CN-3000 are designed to respond to increasingly diverse, high-volume haemostasis testing needs with the following set of four ‘powers’:

Powerful productivity

  • The highest productivity a Sysmex haemostasis analyser has ever achieved: the smallest footprint and fastest throughput with the most comprehensive assay menu – from routine to specialty tests.
  • The minimum required plasma volume has been reduced by approximately 65% due to improved sample pipetting.
  • Depending on the individual customers’ needs, CN offers flexible configurations: from stand-alone instruments optionally equipped with a larger sampler to up to three analysers connected to a track system or, ultimately, TLA connectivity2.

Analytical power

  • gives labs the confidence to obtain valid results from more samples, thanks to cutting-edge ‘multi-wavelength’ technology and sophisticated pre-analytical processing capabilities such as HIL and sample volume checks across multiple tube types.
  • CN-Series provides enhanced analytical features such as a cross-mixing function to make inhibitor testing more convenient, and clot waveform analysis (CWA).

Operational power

  • minimises time-consuming manual intervention related to sample and reagent handling.
  • improves workflow operability, for example through a test count prediction for a smooth routine, and automated dilution of agonists for platelet aggregation assays.
  • Labs can reduce the work and cost associated with maintenance thanks to an increased durability of the next-generation piercer and LED light sources.

Powerful services

  • offer labs peace of mind, with proactive and advanced services including remote functionalities.
  • provide proactive maintenance with CN-Series’ self-check function and maintenance task cues to the user.

CN-6000 and 3000 will be officially launched on 14 July 2020, with first-hand experience presented by customers in an on-demand product theatre programme, which is available from this date within the scope of the International Congress of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) virtual congress and via Sysmex Europe’s Academy Online platform. For more information on Sysmex’s latest haemostasis workflow solution featuring the brand-new CN-Series, visit


1 Regarding the availability of the products in each country, please approach your local Sysmex representative.

2 currently under development



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