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Sysmex gives back to environment – Sysmex plants trees for climate protection and biodiversity

As a healthcare company, Sysmex has been committed to a better climate and environmental protection for years. Because a healthy society also needs a healthy environment.

Four years ago, Sysmex took the initiative and planted 1,000 trees in a forest near Bokhorst in Schleswig-Holstein together with the organisation PLANT-MY-TREE ®.

After a few years’ hiatus due to restrictions cause by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sysmex picked up the activity again this year.

1,000 trees for a better climate

Doing good together. With this mission in mind, almost 50 employees of the four Sysmex companies Sysmex Europe SE, Sysmex Deutschland GmbH, Sysmex Inostics GmbH and Sysmex R&D Center Europe GmbH set out to plant 1,000 trees again. For this purpose, they went to Bokhorst in Schleswig-Holstein again, where Sysmex had already planted 1,000 trees in 2019.

In addition to employees from all areas of all four companies, the management of all companies was also represented. Together, they had to master the goal of the day: to put 1,000 trees in the ground.

To accomplish this, Sysmex joined forces once more with the organisation PLANT-MY-TREE ®. The local forester and the organisation chose Oregon Pine Trees for the planting campaign this time. The planting was done in small teams: some equipped with spades, others with the young tree seedlings. All employees lent a hand and in record time – after about an hour – the first 500 trees found their new home in the initial area! The organisers promptly provided additional redwood trees, which the employees also planted in their new locations without further ado.

The conversations blossomed over a shared lunch break, enabling employees not only to forge stronger connections within their own company but also to form new relationships with Sysmex colleagues from different entities. In the afternoon, the group ventured towards a second area in the forest, ready to tackle the planting of the remaining trees. Just like in the morning, our employees carried on their remarkable efforts, planting the next 500 trees and additional redwood trees in no time at all.

Small becomes big

To end the day, the group made a special visit to the area that Sysmex employees had planted in 2019. This gave everyone an idea of what will flourish from the work they have done.

Sysmex is also particularly proud of another development. Since the initial planting in 2019, the area has flourished into a forest with over 400,000 trees. The cooperation between the company, PLANT-MY-TREE ® and the local forester initiated by Sysmex has resulted in a series of such planting activities with other companies and organisations.

Beyond the positive impact on the environment and climate, the event held profound significance for Sysmex’s internal growth as well. As the employees planted the tender little trees into the ground, they also had the opportunities to forge connections and collaborate in teams. This team-building experience will strengthen cross-company cooperation, laying a solid foundation for the future when the four Sysmex companies move into a joint building and grow together not only in terms of business but also in terms of space.

We would like to thank all the employees who have made a positive impact on our forest, environment and climate. You are true Sysmex Green Heroes!

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