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Laboratory medicine enables and supports accurate diagnoses and detection of disease, but it offers the clinician much more than that. Modern laboratory diagnostics is also the first port of call for therapy monitoring and emergency care and is an indispensable tool for the efficient use of drugs in antibiotic therapies or for the application of personalised medicine, just to name a few.  Resources are scarce in everyday hospital life, and the urgency of improving the quality of treatment is higher than ever before. When it comes to avoiding unnecessary antibiotic administration, immediate exclusion of infections that are not bacterially indicated is one of many value-adding applications of modern laboratory diagnostics. It is good to know that even when considering full costs, the medical laboratory usually does not account for more than 3% of the costs of a hospital.

High-performance medicine thrives on interdisciplinary dialogue, ideally reaching across the aisle between clinical and diagnostic disciplines, so that adequate and rapid therapy can be guaranteed in the future.

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