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A welcome addition to our portfolio: Sentinel’s SENTiFOB® analyser with new cap-piercing function, ideal for low-middle throughput, for the detection of faecal occult blood using FOBGold® reagents

To extend its faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) line to cover the low sample throughput segment of faecal occult blood testing (FOBT), Sentinel Diagnostics recently relaunched its SENTiFOB® analyser with a new cap-piercing function. This add-on feature translates into a new and competitive hardware solution in this market segment.

The SENTiFOB® analyser is a fully automated system currently exclusively dedicated to FIT that utilises the FOBGold® latex reagent for the quantitative measurement of faecal haemoglobin. With a throughput of 100 tests/hour, it is suited for small to medium-sized routines.

We’re excited to offer an even more comprehensive portfolio for FOB testing that can now meet the needs of customers with a lower FIT workload. SENTiFOB® is the solution that better benefits the decentralised and opportunistic CRC screening programmes, as well as hospital laboratories that prefer working with a dedicated analyser for faecal occult blood. SENTiFOB® with the new cap-piercing function is thus added to the existing portfolio of the FOBGold® line (i.e. TLA, SENTiFIT® 270, clinical chemistry analysers) which allows Sysmex to address a broader – if not the full – spectrum of customer needs.

SENTiFOB® will be launched officially on 13 June 2019.




About Sentinel Diagnostics 

Sentinel Diagnostics is an Italian company with a long and well-established background in the development and production of diagnostic kits destined for use in medical analysis laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

About FIT and FOBT

Faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) provides the exact concentration of haemoglobin in faeces, and studies have consistently shown that this concentration is related to both the detection rate and severity of colorectal cancer. The superior analytical and clinical performance characteristics of FIT makes it the best available choice for CRC screening and diagnosis.

Faecal occult blood tests (FOBT) are used to detect small amounts of blood in stool samples, usually invisible to the naked eye. FOBT are used for screening asymptomatic populations for colorectal cancer before colonoscopy referral, and on symptomatic patients to triage, together with the symptoms associated with bowel disease, to assess the need for colonoscopy referral.

For more information visit www.sysmex-europe.com/fit

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