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Productivity values

Do you operate a large laboratory? Then maximum throughput and efficiency are probably two of your prime concerns. You need to think about time, cost efficiency and return your clients’ samples as swiftly as possible so they can help their patients. Yet smaller, specialised laboratories also need to maximise efficiency – especially for time-critical analyses like body fluids. The XN concept has been designed specifically to address both situations.

For bigger laboratories, based on a single, common technology platform, we have linked the analytical XN modules with configurable diagnostic applications to expandable components. All modules are integrated in such a way that they make the most of their capacity. They in turn enhance your efficiency – for example by registering, sorting and archiving, automatically preparing and staining smears, and performing ESR, HbA1c and digital morphology analysis, depending on availability. You can even create a haematology network covering multiple locations and share knowledge and expertise.
The expandable concept can range from a single analyser to a line of nine modules in a seamless platform. Up to 900 samples/hour! And because it’s also compact, the XN offers great productivity per m². It reduces turnaround times by enabling automated processes and reducing manual interventions, smear rates and potential errors related to manual interventions.

For smaller throughput laboratories, the XN-L Series has been created to fulfil your needs. As the global leaders in haematology, we consider it our responsibility to offer you solutions that make your work easier, more efficient and more effective. For some laboratories, the XN-Series may appear as a too large solution. Now, with the introduction of the XN-L Series, XN quality and Sysmex’s knowledge and support are within your grasp. Whether you want to upgrade from a 3-part differential device, or replace an existing analyser, all XN-L models are full 5-part differential analysers that offer the quality of larger devices at an excellent price: quality ratio. Each is also a perfect secondary analyser, giving you confidence even at times when your primary analyser is unavailable. Whatever your needs, there is an XN for you.

The revolution in the XN concept lies in the fact that you can customise the entire system as you see fit. To precisely address your needs. You pay only for what is actually used, and minimise reagent consumption. And should your needs change in the future, the system’s modularity and scalability means you do not lose your initial investment. You can grow as you see fit – including multi-location configurations.

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