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Digital platform services are on the rise and have become the key drivers for the digital transformation in healthcare and associated industries. Integrative information platforms and smart software applications have the potential to solve long-standing and emerging challenges in the daily lives of healthcare professionals – for the good of both patient health and operational efficiency.

Caresphere, a registered trademark by Sysmex, is the global umbrella brand for Sysmex’s digital services and solutions. Caresphere is our new digital platform hosting a growing portfolio to create an ecosystem of advanced software solutions.

Extended IPU

Sysmex Extended IPU is a reliable work area management (WAM) software that automates the sample test management workflow, provides accurate analytic data and supports diagnosis decision-making The Extended IPU can support your lab with order management including rerun and reflex testing, intelligent tube distribution to ensure the highest throughput. Its unique and effective validation applications make the verification of abnormalities faster and easier, providing you with valuable supporting information for further diagnosis. From standalone to tailored track solutions, Extended IPU provides great flexibility in the lab

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Better healthcare relies on the continuous optimisation of diagnostic processes. Our new IT platform addresses this by simplifying lab life in a smart way. Caresphere is designed to support laboratory teams by centralising relevant information and making it more accessible, interactive and actionable – anytime, anywhere. It enables users to utilise integrated information from testing instruments of multiple clinical disciplines and sites to enhance productivity, quality management and decision support in the lab.

Our Caresphere Digital Solutions portfolio is designed to address the most relevant needs of modern diagnostic laboratories by offering a continuously growing suite of applications to facilitate smart data-driven decisions and services, and support our customers in the digital transformation process in areas such as:

  • Lab Management (Caresphere LM)
  • Analyzer Management (Caresphere AM)
  • Quality Management
  • Service Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Knowledge Management
Caresphere™ LM

Caresphere™ LM

Caresphere LM is our comprehensive software solution for monitoring quality, productivity and efficiency in the clinical laboratory based on real-time and periodical information.

Caresphere LM offers lab managers views and analytics on key parameters such as turnaround times, rerun ratios, and other performance metrics in one integrative and customisable dashboard tool.

Caresphere LM is a powerful tool for optimising productivity in laboratories facing workload challenges. It includes also the complete Caresphere AM package to monitor analyser operations.

Launched in 2019.

Caresphere™ AM

Caresphere™ AM

Caresphere AM is our software application of choice for lab operators to manage Sysmex analyser condition, quality control and troubleshooting across multiple sites in one central dashboard – anytime, anywhere.

Caresphere AM offers advanced digital services by connecting users to various technical equipment and Sysmex customer services on one information platform.

Caresphere AM is the essential software tool for optimising quality management of laboratory testing and keeping system downtime at a minimum – in a smart way.

Launch scheduled for 2020.

* Caresphere  AM is not available for all the markets

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