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CaseViewer is the intuitive, user-friendly software to work on and view digital tissue sections on a monitor – your gateway to virtual pathology.

With CaseViewer, you benefit from fast and easy access to your digitized slides and can view them either as a general view of the whole slide or in extremely fine detail resolution on the monitor. CaseViewer also offers a whole host of options to process and analyse digitized slides. For instance, if you need to compare different staining results or examine a specimen at different magnifications, you can do this in the “Parallel View” with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can mark and enter comments for regions of interest so that, when you view the slides at a later time, you’ll have a transparent overview of all previous analysis steps. What’s more, the size and scope of marked areas can be automatically measured along with distances on the sections.
The various features and functionalities have been specially attuned to pathologists’ needs and workflow.

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  • Continuous zooming and movement of digitized slides
  • Parallel view (move and magnify) of multiple slides to compare characteristics
  • Mark (annotate) the ROIs
  • Option to mark TMA punch points
  • Define and comment on viewed area with just a few mouse clicks; bookmarks make them easy to retrieve
  • Simple and precise distance measurement
  • Localisation of field of view thanks to overview function
  • Adjustment of brightness, contract and colour intensity possible
  • Special process for fluorescence slides (separate colour channels & pseudo-colours)
  • Upload and download digital specimens for teleconsultation
  • Take and save screenshots (.JPG, .BMP, .TIFF)
  • Export scan parameters to scan slides again
  • Can be expanded at any time with QuantCenter modules to analyse and quantify tissue staining


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