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CellaVision® DC-1

The CellaVision® DC-1 is a stand-alone haematology analyser that performs blood cell differentials. It offers a suitable solution for laboratories with small workloads. The analyser consists of an automated microscope, a high-quality digital camera and a computer system that uses artificial intelligence to locate, digitally capture and pre-classify cells from stained blood smears. WBC, RBC and PLT images are stored, together with differential results, in a database.

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Smear Workflow

The RAL StainBox is a part of the Smear Workflow concept, which optimises the preparation of peripheral blood smears for automated digital morphology. It comprises the RAL SmearBox and RAL StainBox with methanol-free reagents, combined with the CellaVision® DC-1. The concept seamlessly covers the whole haematology workflow so that you can provide results with consistently high quality.

Technical specifications
Dimensions in mm (W x D x H) 280 x 390 x 370 mm
Weight 11.0 kg
Capacity 1 slide
Immersion Oil Manually
Analysis 17 WBC classes, 6 RBC abnormalities, PLT estimation
Throughput Up to 15 slides per hour (based on a 100 WBC differential, RBC morphology and PLT estimation)
Storage Up to 1,500 slides in one database (unlimited on secondary storage)
Slide preparation RAL SmearBox / StainBox


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