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All our CS-series instruments consolidate and automate a wide range of haemostasis tests in a single analyser – both routine and specialty testing – and use the latest multi-wavelength technology with rapid throughput.

The CS-2400 (open tube) and the CS-2500 (with cap piercing) analysers feature pre-analytic sample checks and four detection methods simultaneously on a single platform – coagulation end-point, chromogenic kinetic analysis, turbidimetric immunoassay and automated platelet aggregation. They deliver up to 60 selectable parameters, making them particularly versatile and suitable for multi-functional laboratories with demanding diagnostic needs.

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Sysmex haemostasis solutions address these issues by bringing together the power of three best-in-class components – Sysmex analysers, and reagents and application protocols from its highly reputable suppliers Siemens and Hyphen BioMed. The strong technological performance both stabilises the routine and provides high consistency – the essential basis for reliable, accurate results and confident interpretation. This confidence is underpinned with our active support, service and expertise, both onsite and/or online.


Peace of mind with difficult samples

Unsuitable samples can be a source of incorrect results. They also lead to extra time for repeated analysis. To make sure you can get correct results straight away, the CS-2400/CS-2500 checks all sample tubes for over- or under-filling and scans them for interferences such as haemolysis, lipaemia or icterus.

The multi-wavelength detector scan determines the most suitable measurement wavelength for each sample, greatly elevating the quality of the results. Unsuitable samples are flagged and either accepted or skipped – the decision is yours, as you can define and set individual criteria for each parameter.


Great diagnostic value

The CS-2400/CS-2500 delivers superior assay and extended calibration performance. It will also run specialty tests, including FXIII activity and platelet aggregation via the incorporated aggregometry method. This lets you consoli-date primary and secondary haemostasis analytics in a single analyser.

To get the result quality you need, the analyser offers multiple patient sample dilutions for single haemostasis factor analysis. Thanks to advanced photo-optical clot detection, measurements are made throughout the clot formation and the full clot signature can be displayed. To identify atypical in vitro clot reactions that may occur with haemophilia, sepsis or DIC patients, the analyser can also display derivatives of the clot formation curve1.

Automated, rule-based reflex testing increases diagnostic result quality since additional tests required for abnormal samples are triggered and performed automatically. You therefore get all the results you need with no addition intervention.


Making your lab life easier

The CS-2400/CS-2500 performs a wide spectrum of basic and more specialised testing, automatically and standardised. This lets you streamline your workflow without the need for other equipment or the extra knowledge and training that would require.

Advanced reagent management ensures reagents are used more efficiently. Reagents can be loaded in any position at any time, even during the measurement process. Thanks to two-dimensional in situ barcode reading, automatic reagent identification and data input improve security and ease of use. The minimised dead volume helps you reduce reagent waste, and the extended on-board reagent stability helps save further money in your lab.The last thing you want is instrument downtime. With remote access capabilities, we can help you look after your device proactively.This tailored maintenance helps maximize instrument and workflow reliability.

Technical specifications
Models CS-2400 (open model), CS-2500 (cap-piercing model)
Detection principles clotting, chromogenic, immunologic, aggregation
Throughput up to 180 tests / h (PT)
Wavelengths 340 nm, 405 nm, 575 nm, 660 nm, 800 nm
HIL check available per assay
Sample volume check available
Sample tube loading capacity 50 tubes
Detector wells 10 (4 for aggregometry)
Incubator wells 10 positions
Simultaneously available assays 60 assays
Reagent positions 40 positions for reagents / controls / plasma, 5 positions for buffers
Reagent cooling unit temperature 10 °C
Calibration curves in total 250 assays, 10 calibrations per assay, 10 calibrations per reagent lot
Stored test results up to 10 000 samples
QC methods Westgard multi-rule, L-J
Cross mixing available (creation of mixing curve)
Aggregometry available
Clot waveform analysis available with 1st and 2nd derivatives (research use only)  
Dimensions / weight (main unit) 775 x 685 x 895 (W x H x D, mm) / approx. 110 kg


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