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Why is FISH still relevant in diagnostics today?

Genomic alterations – gain, loss, translocations and gene mutations – have been found to be driving factors in the pathogenesis of various constitutional and somatic diseases such as rare syndromes, haematological malignancies, and neoplasias.

FISH is often the method of choice for evaluating some key biomarkers, such as BCR/ABL1 in chronic myeloid leukemia, HER2 in breast cancer, and ALK rearrangements in lung cancer, and plays a critical role in guiding patient management decisions [1].

The CytoCell product portfolio includes DNA FISH kits for the most relevant and actionable gene targets.

What is the CytoCell offer?

We are pleased to offer a range of CytoCell FISH probes optimised for haematological malignancies as well as the assessment of genetic aberrations in solid tumour samples.

CytoCell’s constitutional range also includes our FAST FISH assays, designed for the rapid and accurate detection of the most common prenatal chromosomal disorders. Our microdeletion probes are designed for the detection of some of the rarest human genetic syndromes.

CytoCell myProbes is a custom FISH probe design and manufacture service. By working in partnership with you, we can deliver probes to meet your specific requirements. From a simple modification of an existing catalogue product, to a completely new and innovative project, you can be confident that our expert team will design and deliver a probe you can depend on.

How can CytoCell probes help you overcome daily FISH challenges?

  • Ready-to-use premixed directly-labelled DNA FISH probes so that batch to batch consistency is guaranteed.
  • Reliable, tight, bright signals with minimal background so that your scoring times and retest rates are minimal
  • Small (5 or 10 tests) pack sizes so that wastage is reduced for low-throughput users or rare probes ensuring optimal stock levels.
  • Extensive IVD CE-marked range and custom probes so that both routine and newly discovered aberrations can be equally well detected.
  • For unique and innovative products, myProbes service will design and manufacture custom FISH probes so that your exact requirements are met. Design your CytoCell myProbes
  • Continuous expert consultation by our medical affairs and application team so that you can trust to achieve the best outcome of your FISH, every time.
  • Comprehensive offer of FISH accessory products so that your workflow is efficient and smooth (e.g. tissue pretreatment kit, microscope filters, DAPI, porcelain wash jars, hybridisation solution and more)



[1].Hu, L., Ru, K., Zhang, L. et al. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH): an increasingly demanded tool for biomarker research and personalized medicine. Biomark Res 2, 3 (2014).

* CytoCell® FISH probes: For laboratory professional use only. Not intended for use as stand-alone diagnostics or companion diagnostics. Therapeutic action should not be initiated on the basis of the FISH result alone.
Manufacturer and Trademarks: CytoCell® FISH Probes (Cytocell Limited)

Technical specifications

50µl per vial (5 tests) or 100µl per vial (10 tests), provided in hybridisation solution and are ready to use.


150µl per vial (15 tests), DAPI antifade

Storage temperature

-25°C to -15°C, in the dark


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