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Sentimag® - Magseed® in breast cancer

In recent years, advancements in medical practices have offered more women diagnosed with breast cancer the opportunity to receive breast-conserving and lymph node-sparing surgery. At any stage, the target is to de-escalate the surgical radicality.

To ensure both oncologic safety and patient comfort, reliable marking of lesions and target lymph nodes is a prerequisite. However, many tissue markers encounter significant challenges, including:

  • unreliable detectability due to migration or low visibility in imaging
  • radiation exposure
  • not always suitable for long-term placement
  • not always suitable for each tissue type

As a result, patients can experience discomfort, such as unnecessary anxiety, physical pain and a suboptimal cosmetic outcome.

The Magseed® marker has been specifically designed to overcome the challenges of other clip, reflector, tag, radioseed and wire markers. It enables a flexible patient treatment pathway – from placement of the marker until the day of surgery. Magseed® promotes high oncologic safety, accurate tissue localisations and improved patient satisfaction, preventing unnecessary surgery and helping to reduce the extent of the required ones.

Magseed® is used alongside the Sentimag® system, a sensitive magnetic detector that locates the seed. The marker is deployed under ultrasound or X-ray guidance any time before surgery. Once in the operating room, the surgeon then uses the Sentimag® system’s probe to precisely locate the Magseed®, and thereby the lesion or lymph node in which the Magseed® has been placed.


Endomag®, Sentimag® and Magseed® are registered European Union trademarks of Endomagnetics Ltd

Magtrace® is a registered trademark of Endomagnetics Ltd in the United Kingdom

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Magseed® – benefits for clinicians and patients

  • Designed with the patient in mind – no radioactivity, reduced stress, less pain
  • Placed in any soft tissue – breast lesion, lymph node, etc.
  • Can be implanted for as long as needed – always reliably detectable by Sentimag®
  • Smallest non-radioactive seed – ideal for lymph node placement
  • Decoupling of OR and radiology scheduling
  • Stays securely in place without migration from soft tissue
  • Very low re-excision rate for lesions (11 % averaged over multiple studies)
  • Magseed® has been used in over 65,000 tissue localisations
  • Sentimag® and Magseed® are CE-marked and FDA-cleared for soft tissue
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