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A fully automated urine chemistry analyser, the UC-3500 can process up to 276 samples per hour, handling everything from sample aspiration to colour comparison and final output of the results. At the beginning of the process, urine sample material is dropped onto each pad of a dedicated test strip within the analyser. Two different types of test strips and a total of 11 test strip parameters, including microalbumin and creatinine, offer versatile diagnostic possibilities.

Additional features further enhance the accuracy of test results. The CMOS sensor allows the UC-3500 to effortlessly distinguishes abnormal colours between RBCs and haemoglobin. And thanks to the refractometry measurement method, it also offers accurate results in terms of specific gravity and cloudiness.

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The UC-3500 is easy to combine with other members of the UN-Series (UF-4000/UF-5000 and UD-10) for a fully automated urinalysis workflow. Our Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System (U-WAM) provides the means to further improve workflow efficiency. You can also multiply your throughput by connecting more than one UC-3500 together. Visit our configurations page for more information on suggested UN-Series device combinations.

Technical specifications
Dimensions / weights
W x H x D [mm / kg
main unit incl. sampler: approx. 638 × 709 × 829 / 78
  • Reflectance photometry with colour CMOS sensor
  • Refractometry

Measurement principles:

  • Each test strip is scanned with a colour CMOS sensor and photometry is performed
  • Automatically detect the position of the test strip pads
  • By improving the light path, cloudiness and specific gravity became less affected by turbidity 


  • Max. 16 parameters
  • 2 types of test strips

Test strip parameters:

System Parameters:

Throughput 276 samples/h
Sampling volume 1 mL per test strip
Aspiration volume 230 μL per test strip
Sampler unit capacity 80 samples (8 racks with 10 tubes each)
Interface (optional) U-WAM
Web application (optional) Caresphere™ XQC
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