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The XN-1500V model introduces the new combination of the XN-1000V haematology analyser with an automated slide preparation and staining system in an all-in-one workstation. Should an analysis result lead to a smear, it is performed without manual intervention. The result? Consistent smears with a beautiful cell monolayer enabling further microscopic diagnostics as simply and powerfully as possible.

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Non-mammalian analysis

Analysis parameters  Channel
WBC  PLT-F channel 
RBC PLT-F channel 
H-RBC (haemolysed RBC)  PLT-F channel 
HGB SLS-Hemoglobin method 
HCT RBC particle size distribution 
MCV RBC particle size distribution 
MCH RBC particle size distribution 
MCHC RBC particle size distribution 
PLT PLT-F channel 
RDW-SD  RBC particle size distribution
RDW-CV RBC particle size distribution
RBC-O RET channel 


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XN-V Series basic online training

Learning objectives

This course will provide solid basic knowledge on how to operate the XN-V Series, including start-up/shutdown, analysis and basic maintenance. You will be able to determine which species are analysed, choose your workflow, and manage your results as you require.


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