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The XN-3000 configuration includes two XN analysis modules and a high-quality, fully-integrated slide maker and stainer module, our SP-10 unit. This offers great productivity while taking up minimal space. The XN-3000 also has the excellent Extended information-processing unit (IPU) on board as standard that can intelligently route and control your sample and data workflow.

If you have a medium-sized lab with a fair smear rate, you will appreciate the detail in the XN-3000 setup. Because the two analysis modules process rack samples simultaneously, it can accommodate any sample without slowing down – the modules work together perfectly. And you don’t lose any precious time, even with abnormal samples.

The XN-3000 has a single point of entry and a single point of exit. Reflex testing occurs within the same loop, and before samples pass the SP-10 module. Sample racks are then sent to the SP-10 module where the samples needing a smear are removed. Like extended measurements, smears are only initiated if they offer additional diagnostic value. The analysis profile is extended automatically to include smear-making and staining, but you may also order this up front, for instance with known special samples.

Technical specifications
Technology     Fluorescence Flow Cytometry in all modes
Aspiration volume 88µL in all modes
Throughput   starting from 100 samples/h
Quality control     XN Check and XN Check BF
Parameters     28 diagnostic parameter always standard
XN-CBC = always with NRBC
XN-DIFF = efficiency of XE-5000
16 diagnostic parameters are optional
Core models XN-1000, XN-2000, XN-3000 or XN-9000


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