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The XN-9000 is the largest core model of the XN-Series, offering the highest degree of automation and seamless scalability. It is intended for labs with higher throughput needs.

Its fundamental components include at least two XN analysis modules, plus at least one slide maker /stainer module, the SP-10. As customer situations and needs vary significantly, we offer the XN-9000 in different core configurations, all of which are modular and scalable to best suit individual needs.

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XN-9000 Compact Integration

In addition to the analysis modules, the slide maker/stainer and the digital imaging module, the XN-9000 Compact Integration configuration includes a return line for tube transfer to the exit point. This configuration is ideal for straight haematology processing of medium to high workloads in which sample order profiles are quite uniform.

XN-9000 Sorting & Archiving

In addition to the SP-10, DI-60 and XN analysis modules, the XN-9000 Sorting & Archiving configuration contains a tube sorter module. Depending on the sorting speed and capacity required, this can be either the TS-10 or TS-10 Up at the end of the workflow. This configuration suits labs with a uniform but high sample workload and a need for sample archiving and/or sorting for subsequent analyses, like HbA1c or ESR.

XN-9000 Workload Balance

The XN-9000 Workload Balance configuration is best suited to labs with higher analytical complexity. Samples may need special analyses and/or specifically ordered analyses. The tube sorter module (TS-10 or TS-10 Up) is therefore placed at the beginning of the workflow. Samples can be pre-sorted for other work areas if needed as well, or into specific racks to maximise the processing capacity of individual modules.

XN-9000 Maximum Workload

The XN-9000 Maximum Workload is for extremely high workloads, generally over 2,000 samples per day. Processing pathological samples and samples that need additional testing is separated via a tube sorter (TS-10 Up) from the high-speed processing part of the screening line. This ensures short TAT even at peak times. It has an extremely flexible configuration so that you can use all our clinical diagnostic capabilities and our Smear Workflow – smear making/staining plus digital imaging for morphology analysis of slides.


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XN complete basic video training. This training is intended for anyone involved in using and maintaining the XN-Series analysers in the haematology lab.

Sysmex Academy


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