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XN-9100 Compact Integration

The XN- 9100 Compact Integration can integrate up to 24 XN analysis modules, our new slide maker/stainer, the SP-50, and the DI-60 digital imaging module. It is best suited to labs with a large number of samples with an almost exclusively uniform order profile without the need for dedicated EDTA tube sorting, which need to perform a fair number of smears and stains. All variations of the XN-9100 include the Extended information-processing unit (Extended IPU) as standard. This enhances the efficiency of your lab by intelligently routing and controlling your sample, order and data workflow.

Each XN analysis module can be equipped with applications that deliver additional clinical value as you need them. The system does not slow down because the modules process racks with samples simultaneously – the routing logic ensures the modules work together perfectly. So you don’t lose any precious time, even with abnormal samples.

To make optimal use of your space, or when the available space is not enough for a linear set-up, alternative designs can be installed: inner-L, outer-L, inner-U, outer-U, Z.


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