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Calibrator designed for Sysmex haematology analysers

XN Cal is a calibrator specifically designed for Sysmex XR-Series, XN-Series, XN-V Series, XN-L Series and XN-31. It enables the calibration of haematology analysers e.g. during installation and can be used for calibration verification whenever needed.  XN Cal assures metrological traceability according to ISO 17511 allowing global comparability of patient sample results.

Ensuring correct measurement results

XN Cal is available in one concentration level to perform a 1-point calibration. It can be used to calibrate all analysis modes on haematology analysers including the Whole Blood mode, Body Fluid mode, Pre-dilution mode as well as the XN Blood Bank mode.

*For PLT-F application customers, there is an extra calibrator covering PLT-F.

Technical specifications

Calibration parameters: RBC, HGB, HCT, PLT, WBC, WBC-D, WBC-N, WBC-P, WBC-M, RET, RBC-O, PLT-O, RET-He, RBC-He

Technical data

The assay data are provided as target and range in electronic format.

XN Cal is stored at 2-8 °C before opening. The period of use is four weeks per lot. As calibrators are used only for the calibration procedure itself, the open vial stability is four hours. The volume per vial is 3.0 mL.


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