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HISCL-5000 provides medium- and high-throughput clinical laboratories with a diagnostic solution that meets the growing demand for workflow consolidation and testing efficiency in the evolving pandemic situation.

HISCL-5000 is easy to use and employs a technology that uses the CLEIA (chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay) principle, which is trusted by customers across the globe. With results being provided consistently in high quality you can have confidence in them.

More details

What makes HISCL-5000 so strong?

Smart technology means excellent results

  • The CDP-Star® chemiluminescent substrate provides a highly sensitive measurement.
  • High specificity is achieved by using the bound-and-free (B/F) separation washing procedure.
  • Short turnaround times are enabled by the rapid formation of immune complexes due to a temperature of 42°C throughout the entire process.

Fast processing to cope with high workloads

  • The short time to results allows faster report generation, enabling timely patient diagnosis and treatment.
  • Convenient STAT port position for a speedy analysis of your urgent samples

Intuitive operation for an enjoyable user experience

  • The user-friendly interface displays large icons and makes it easy to access information for your daily routine.
  • Efficient reagent management system based on RFID
  • Uninterrupted workflow – exchange reagents and consumables or perform calibration on the running system.

A robust device giving you peace of mind

  • Proven robustness has been demonstrated across the Asian market for years. The system will reliably support your laboratory for many days to come.
  • Reliable anti-carry-over system through single-use pipette tips and reaction cuvettes in combination with a membrane filter that cleans the nozzle each time it dispenses
  • The HISCL-5000 needs very little attention and is mostly self-maintaining, so there’s no need for daily user maintenance.
Technical specifications
Measurement principle chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA)
Detecting element photoelectron multiplier; wide range with optical filter
Throughput 200 tests per hour
Time to first result 17 minutes (time from sample aspiration to result display)
Sampler capacity up to 100 samples in 20 racks
Number of STAT positions 1 sample
Required sample volume 10 – 30 μL
Sample containers Sample tube: outer diameter 13 – 16 mm, height 75 – 100 mm
Sample cup: 4-mL conical cup 
Sample dispensation disposable tip, sample arm wiped on filter
Reagent identification RFID, barcode
Reagent containers cartridge system with automatic opening/closing
Reagent supply continuous loading system
Data storage 100,000 sample results (maximum)
Quality control select L-J (chart) or X-bar (chart)
Display (user interface) 21-inch touch screen
Interface (external output) RS232C, LAN
Printing system external printer
Options drainage tank, indicator light
Dimensions / weight
W x H x D [mm] / [kg]
Main unit including sampler
approx. 1,725 x 1,300 x 840 / approx. 490


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