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SENTiFIT® 800 Analyser

The SENTiFIT 800 was designed to meet the needs of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening organisations and laboratories with a high volume of faecal immunochemical tests.

  • The SENTiFIT 800 high-throughput analyser simplifies the sample processing with reduced hands-on time.
  • The intelligent software with intuitive presentation of parameters and results improves the operator's convenience.
  • The SENTiFIT 800 Analyser boosts your lab efficiency with a fast and highly automated analysis producing consistently accurate results and offering the possibility to connect to TLA.
More details

High throughput in figures

  • More than 11,000 number of samples on-board
  • 15 racks on one basket: 75 samples
  • Sample loading: 75 samples in the analyser and another 75 in the queue
  • 13-mm standard tubes compatible with total lab automation (TLA) and pre-analytics

Reducing hands-on time through automation:

  • Barcode reading for reagents and samples
  • Preparation of calibration curve
  • Dilution of over-range samples
  • Preparation of wash solutions
  • Direct connection to the water supply and drainage
  • Wake-up and daily maintenance 
  • Daily QC management with an intuitive interface on real monitor

Boosting lab efficiency

  • Automatic piercing function
  • Patented and dedicated pierceable tubes, safe and hygienic for the operator
  • Double feeding module to guarantee continuity
  • Reagents refrigerated on-board and stable for long time
  • Sample probe with level and clot sensors for correct sampling
  • Full traceability of all samples and reagents
  • User-friendly and complete software with bidirectional connection to LIS


SENTiFIT®, FOB Gold® and CALiaGold® are trademarks in various jurisdictions, which are exclusively licensed to Sentinel CH. SpA.

Technical specifications
Working speed Up to 550 tests/h
Samples on-board Up to 175 (75 in the analyser and up to 75 in the Rack Handle)
Pipettes 1 pipette for samples, 2 pipettes for reagents
Sampling system Piercing needle technology
Refrigerated reagent storage Up to 100 vials, up to 20,000 doses for FIT
Sensors Liquid level and clot sensor
Management software On integrated PC with full-size monitor for easier management
Data memory 1,000,000 tests
Dimensions and weight

Analyser: W1300 x D850 x H1150 mm, 300 kg
Rack Handler: W890 x D850 x H924 mm, 110 kg


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