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Analysing faecal samples is an important diagnostic procedure/measurement in determining intestinal disorders or diseases. A positive result might indicate serious disease such as colorectal cancer (CRC), whereas a negative result may help to exclude such disease. Quantitative faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) show a performance superior to conventional qualitative tests and answers to laboratories’ needs for automation and traceability.

The SENTiFOB Analyser, a fully automated clinical-chemical system, has been especially developed for use with the pierceable tubes for sample collection and analysis, and next-generation immunological latex reagents for measuring faecal immunochemical test. This system is a reliable partner in laboratories with lower throughput needs, such as those serving decentralised CRC screening programmes, or hospital laboratories that prefer having a dedicated analyser for the FIT testing of symptomatic patients.

Easy, safe and automated faecal immunochemical testing

  • No sample preparation needed
  • Tube with pierceable lid secured by a tight seal
  • User-friendly and complete software
  • Walk-away system from start to result
  • Complete QC management
  • Parallel measuring of different assays

SENTiFIT® and SENTiFOB® are trademarks in various jurisdictions, which are exclusively licensed to Sentinel CH.

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Advantages for the laboratory

  • The SENTiFOB Analyser can process up to 100 samples per hour.
  • Requires no sample preparation or treatment: measurements are fast, safe and hygienic, i.e. no further contact between the laboratory staff and sample material.
  • Extra safe: You can place the SENTiFIT pierceTube in the sample rack only with the pierceable side facing up. This prevents any analysis errors or delays and the manual intervention of having to turn tubes over by hand.

More information on FIT for CRC screening

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Technical specifications


Clinical-chemical analyser for quantitative immunoturbidimetric identification of various antigens in stool samples


Up to 100 samples / hour

Dimensions / weight (B x H x D [mm/kg]

840 x 670 x 615/45

Supported measurement

Haemoglobin in stool (FOB Gold)

On- board reagent capacity


Tube identification

External barcode reader for sample identification

Piercing function

Automatic piercing function


  • Calibrator set, liquid and ready to use
  • Automatic dilution


  • Easy and intuitive
  • Visualisation of reaction curve for each sample reaction
  • Colour identification of sample results
  • Quantitative and qualitative results
  • Complete QC management
  • Guided and simple maintenance menu
  • Easy export and printing of results


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